5 Quick Online Selling Tips For Newbies!

5 tips to sell online

So you’ve found that ‘big idea’ product range but have zero history of sales and data. Try these simple yet effective methods to test your product(s) to see if you can generate sales before you start buying tons of stock, booking warehouse space, building e-commerce websites and pumping in hefty marketing dollars.

1. Start Selling On Marketplaces

Apply to list a selection of products on marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Not On The High Street and Groupon.

2. Set And Test Pricing

Work out your prices, take into account listing fees, delivery, packaging and what it costs to make or buy your product(s).

You’ll find on the likes of Amazon, customers are willing to pay a premium rate. You can always change your prices at any moment, so make a decision, test it, amend thereafter if required.

In terms of delivery you can either charge the user a delivery fee on top of the product cost, offer free delivery over a certain amount or add the cost of the delivery to the product cost and offer free shipping.

3. All In The Detail

Ensure to add all relevant details of the product to drive maximum clarity and visibility:

  • Include professional product shots
  • Create effective titles
  • Include descriptions
  • Add in extra details such as colour, size, weight and origin
  • Include product(s) unique selling points

4. Advertise

For the likes of Amazon and eBay utilise Sponsored Advertising to get your products in front of the right people

5. Analyse Results

After a 3-6 month period analyse results to identify bestsellers, repeat purchaser opportunities, customer feedback, logistics, processes and costs.

6. To Invest or Not Invest?

Now you’ve got some data in, make a decision to invest into your very own e-commerce facilities, tweak the proposition further and test again or choose a different product or niche.

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