6 Things To Do For High Street Businesses Using Google Ads

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6 Things to do for High Street Businesses Using Google Ads

As a Google Ad agency in London, we come across a ton of Google Ads advertising accounts. If you’re a local or high street business thinking about using Google Ads to drive new customers, ensure you get these six things right. They will help you drive better results and potentially lower your advertising costs.

1. Exclude Existing Customers

Many Google Ad accounts forget to exclude existing customers. More often than not you will want to use Google Ads to attract new customers. Excluding existing customers from ads could help you start to see more new customers, versus diluting your ad spend on existing customers. When excluding existing customers, you ensure your ads continually target new customers. This stops you using your budget on those who already use your product or services.

2. Track Phone Calls

If you are a phone call heavy business, it is key you can track ads that are 1) driving actual phone calls; and 2) driving phone calls over a certain number of seconds or minutes to ensure your budget is allocated to the best performing ads.

3. Target Areas Effectively

It’s not always cost effective to target the whole country when marketing your product or service. If you can target the actual postcodes or specific towns and areas where it’s realistic for new customers to get to you (or vice versa), you will spend your budget more effectively on those who you can really help.

4. Include Prices in Ads

The majority of the time, you are charged per click from Google Ads. If you’re competitive on the price front, it’s worth putting your actual price in the ad itself. That way a user will see the price before the click takes place. This can save on ad budget and be more effective in driving the right customer to you.

5. Use Landing Pages

Driving clicks to your site is great. However, for the user to actually enquire, the landing page the click is directed to needs to be super effective. Ensure your landing page is specific to the nature of the product or service promoted. Doing this will help drive better results and be more efficient on your budget.

6. Track Success

Probably the biggest mistake we see is Google Ads managers not tracking success! By success we mean tracking which ads drove an enquiry or a sale. Ensure when setting up your Google Ads campaign you insert conversion tracking to help you allocate your ad spend to the best performing ads.

If you use these 6 tips for your business using Google Ads, you are sure to gain the best results possible.

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