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Instagram have announced the roll out of a feature called ‘checkout on Instagram’ that will enable users to checkout on Instagram without leaving the app.

When you tap on a product on Instagram posts, you’ll see a ‘checkout on Instagram’ button which will allow you to pick from sizes and colours, thereafter completing payment without leaving Instagram. Once an order is placed you’ll receive delivery notifications within Instagram.

Currently the feature is in beta and only being rolled out in the USA. We have no doubt that if it proves successful it will reach the UK shortly after.

Brands such as Adidas, Balmain, Dior, Burberry, H&M, Nike, Kylie Cosmetics and Zara will start the roll out in the US territory.

To fund the programme, Instagram will charge sellers a fee to utilise this feature.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch, “We will introduce a selling fee to help fund programs and products that help make checkout possible, as well as offset transaction-related expenses. It will not change the price of the items for consumers.”

With less steps to purchase, this roll out is potentially a kick in the teeth to e-commerce platforms. Small business owners who sell product but don’t have an all-singing-and-dancing e-commerce store should benefit hugely by this new feature.

We believe investing more resources onto the likes of Facebook and Instagram should be an increasing priority for business owners and brands to take full advantage of the opportunities at hand.

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