How to create an Instagram GIF sticker

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In the last 6 months we’ve been commissioned by brands to create GIF stickers for Instagram to help drive awareness and engagement for their upcoming events and releases including boxer Anthony Joshua v Aleksander Povetkin at Wembley Stadium.

If you’re thinking of creating a GIF Sticker for your brand we’ve outlined instructions how to make this happen.

Step 1: Become A Verified Brand on GIPHY

GIF Stickers on Instagram Stories are powered by GIPHY. To have your designs discoverable on Instagram Stories you’ll need to create a brand channel on GIPHY and apply to be verified.

To create a brand channel click this link:

Once created, apply for verification by emailing stating you’d like to be verified to create Instagram GIF Stickers for your brand. State your GIPHY account name, Instagram address and company details.

It usually takes approximately 1 week to get a decision on your status.

Step 2: Upload Stickers To GIPHY

Once you’ve been approved you can start creating stickers on the GIPHY platform. Stickers are different to usual GIFs, they need to be uploaded in a certain way to be classed as a sticker.

Stickers are animated GIFs on a transparent background. Stickers should be exported with a minimum 20% transparent pixels and on a continuous loop.

Once you’ve created the sticker, upload it to GIPHY and tag the sticker with keywords you’d like the sticker to be discovered under when in Stories.

Step 3: Test Sticker On Instagram Stories

It usually takes a minimum of 2-3 hours for the sticker to be discoverable on Instagram Stories. To test it, open up Stories, hit the GIF icon and search for the sticker using the keywords you tagged the sticker with.

If you need any help in creating a sticker for Instagram Stories, please get in touch with us at

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