How To Sell Products On Google Shopping

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Google Shopping ads allows consumers to directly view retailers’ versions of the product that they have searched for on Google. Straight away it shows the price, the image and a link to the retailer’s website on top of the general Google search results. This provides the consumer with the key information they want to know about a product. This means it is super easy for the consumer to choose which product to buy without the need to trawl through hundreds of websites and compare different retailers’ offerings for themselves.

As a Google ad agency, we understand just how effective a method it can be for selling products if you can get your products to appear in line with the right Google searches.

To get your products to appear in Google Shopping you have to use the Google Ads (Adwords) platform. Here are the steps to start selling with Google Shopping:

1. Create Google Merchant Centre Account

Create a Google Merchant Centre account. Once your business information is entered and the account is created, it is important to verify these details to ensure a smooth start to setting up shop.

2. Connect Your Product Feed

Next connect your e-commerce product feed to the Google Merchant centre account. In order to do this, go to your account: click on “product” then click on “feeds” and finally click the ‘blue plus symbol’ to upload a feed. This will allow you to upload your products to your Merchant Centre account which will enable you to display your products on Google Shopping.

3. Link Merchant Centre To Google Ads

To launch the campaign, you will need to create a Google Ads account. Once your Google Ads account is created go to the settings tab and then click “linked accounts” and if they are not already connected, you will be able to link your Google Ads account to your recently created Merchant Centre account and product feed.

4. Set Up A Google Shopping Campaign

Visit your Google Ads account and click to create a Shopping Campaign. Enter the campaign name, the country in which you’re selling your products, the product feed and the daily advertising budget. You can then choose the goal of your ad i.e., to drive more sales, traffic or to guide customers.

5. Set Up Conversion Tracking

Before going live, ensure you create conversion tracking for the ability to track sales from your Google Shopping ad campaign. You can create conversion tracking by clicking on the ‘Conversions’ option from the Google Ads menu and follow the instructions to insert code/tags to your site.


Google Shopping can be highly effective and profitable if executed correctly. Unlike traditional Google Ads search keyword targeting, Google Shopping will use your product data (i.e., product name) to show up in relevant Google searches from users. For best outcomes it is vital your product feed is optimised for Google Shopping ads before going live.

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