1947 London

Lift In Table Bookings & Awareness
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Email Marketing
We were tasked to drive table bookings for this newly opened Fitzrovia, Central London restaurant.
We put together a strategy to drive new and repeat customer bookings at a profitable ROI using Facebook Ads, Google Ads and email marketing.

Facebook Ads

We put together various Facebook and Instagram Advertising campaigns to drive awareness, engagement and table bookings from new customers. The aim here was to start driving revenue as soon as possible at a respectable acquisition cost while building a database of customers who we could also market to drive repeat business.

Google Ads (PPC)

We put together an array of Google Ads campaigns to drive new customers at various points of the customer journey, with minimal spend on the brand name. We also removed third-party booking companies from bidding on the brand name, to ensure client’s resources were utilised adequately.


We undertook a photoshoot of the venue and food photography to ensure the restaurant would be marketed on brand to the target market. We also created an Instagram GIF sticker for diners to enhance the dining experience.

Email Marketing

After acquiring new customers using paid channels, we utilised email marketing campaigns to drive repeat customers, adding to the lifetime value per customer for the client.

+Acquired new table bookings for approx. £4
+ Increased repeat customers
+ Celebrity hotspot venue
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