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Get in front of new customers and take advantage of cheaper ad costs

We're a TikTok ad agency in London with over 10 years' experience working on paid social platforms from the early Facebook Ads days to today’s super-addictive TikTok era.

1. Drive sales, leads & downloads

By understanding the TikTok algorithm, we get in front of potential customers with the right ad creative to drive ROI-positive results at scale.

2. Increase ROAS & lower acquisition costs (CPA)

By implementing effective strategy and creating engaging web pages, we help brands increase ROAS and lower existing customer acquisition costs.

3. TikTok Ads that scale

Having spent millions on paid social advertising, we are equipped with proven strategies required to scale profitably without fatigue.

4. Ad creatives that drive results

We create scroll-stopping ad creatives at every stage of the customer journey to increase ROAS and lower acquisition costs, which maintain at scale.

5. Web pages that convert

We get the maximum out of advertising by creating bespoke landing pages, as well as optimising existing web pages to drive consistent outcomes from TikTok Ads.

All in one TikTok Ads agency service

Leaving no stone unturned for maximum returns

Campaign Strategy


Strategies that drive ROI

Web Design


Web pages that convert

Campaign Management


Scaling without exhaustion

TikTok Ad Creatives

Ad Creatives

Engaging ads at every step

Human Reporting


Simple & easy to understand

TikTok Partner Access

Partner Access

Speedy support with latest features

What our clients say

9/10 recommend us

Rick at Disturb Digital has been great, not having a great deal of experience in this field myself it’s been essential to have an industry expert involved and he hasn’t disappointed. Thoroughly recommend
Amazing service from Rick and his team, his been looking after all aspects of social media along with google ad campaigns for several years.He has also designed a fantastic friendly website with all the contents etc.If your business needs exposure, Disturb Digital is the company you should be using.Highly recommended.
I'm thrilled with Rick and his team at Disturb Digital. They're exceptional at what they do, delivering on their promise of a steady sales stream. Rick listened to our needs and delivered on our brief. Excited to work with them for years to come!
We started working with Rick and his team last September after our previous marketing agency became less effective due to continual changes in Facebook algorithms. From our first conversation it was clear that he had a good understanding of the back end of social media sites to allow him to be able to successfully use their advertising features to consistently get a good number of leads. Since taking them on as our new marketing agency we have had far greater consistency throughout all of our marketing and this has given our business much more stability. With the stability given we have managed to grow our business to a point we will be having our biggest month ever this month. With the confidence we now have in Rick and his team we are also embarking on producing a new website and having our organic social media also being produced by them. I have found that all my questions are always answered with great knowledge and always with a friendly approach which is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your help so far and here's to very successful marketing in 2023!!!
I have been working with Disturb Digital for some months now and can only say WOW. What an amazing experience, a new type of business for the team to promote and they did not disappoint. From the moment our website went live and the adverts went out the phone and web traffic hasn't stopped. The efforts and cost have paid from themselves and the work Rick and his team have put in surpassed our expectations. Thank you
Absolutely awesome levels of service and attention to details that’s gets results. Ricky is a true professional and pleasure to work with and knows his stuff
Digital Marketing Manager at Glow Dreaming - we have been working with Rick and the team over the past few months and can say for certain we wouldn't have the high performing, successful ads that we have without their hard work and dedication. Rick is a wealth of data, knowledge and patience and has not only helped us do a 180 on our ads but also improve and optimise our landing pages too. Super happy, and couldn't recommend them more!
Disturb Digital is the best IT team I have worked with, what makes them stand out is how much they really care about their clients and their exceptional and speedy delivery of projects, I have never felt so taken care of. I would have given them 10 stars if google would let me.
Rick at disturb digital is a pleasure to deal with. After trying a couple of other agencies we are now very pleased we found him. He is very competent with good communication and insight, professional, very responsive and attentive. Highly recommend.
Rick was very informative and explained the world of digital advertising in a simple way, allowing me to ease into this new World! Concise and easy to understand. Thank you!
Rick and the team are great and we really enjoyed working with them. They worked hard with us and got some great results. We would recommend to other companies looking for a digital marketing agency.
I highly recommend Disturb Digital to everyone. Rick and his team are professional, very responsive, knowledgeable, attentive, and incredibly effective. They quickly researched the market to understand our clients and competitors, and very quickly made necessary changes to turn around our very slow start to the year and put us straight into substantial profit. The trend continues to grow as they refine, tweak and trials new ideas. Highly efficient and effective, and great value for money service. Top company and everyone should use them!!
Good work done by rick so far on the website.Very professional service highly recommend it.
Rick Parmar @ Disturb Digital provided an exceptional level of service. We are overwhelmed by their innovation and quality of design work. All work was turned around within the agreed timeframe.Barnet Motor Medics Ltd is a brand new concept. So when it came to deciding on marketing strategy I was completely overwhelmed. Since I didn’t have a business degree in marketing I went straight to the professionals.Rick Parmar & his team have prepared a comprehensive marketing research for me which included analysis of my closest competition and customer behaviour, segmentation, targeting and positioning in the market.Rick also provided me with digital marketing strategy on multiple online touchpoints such as Google SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, CRM & Automation, Mobile and offline marketing and an action plan how to achieve the results we wanted.This incredible report allowed me to make decisions and take actions right away and saved me most importantly time.I can highly recommend Rick & his team to everyone who understands the importance of investing money into the right marketing channels and leveraging those which your competitors might have missed.Thank you for great work provided by you and your team.
Disturb Digital have been taking care of our marketing since the last 2 months and they have been brilliant! Very responsive and easy to contact. They are highly skilled and their experience means they give us lots of strategies to work with. Would definitely recommend these guys!R x
Disturb Digital is a marketing company with true professionals who have a passion to develop a clients vision in regards to marketing and turning ideas into financial revenue.They are extremely knowledgeable with attention to detail and willing to go that extra mail on any campaign or task.Disturb Digital is our chosen agency.Highly Recommended !!!Coffee ☕️Deluxx
As a new business we sought to find a digital marketing agency that could maximise our impact with a sensible budget. Through a collaborative approach, and by taking the time to understand our goals, Rick and his team have brought us success: doubled our 'likes' on FB (organically) driven traffic to our website; provided a smooth digital download service via a FB advert that has resulted in end user product demonstrations and purchase via a retailer; finally their campaign has brought enquiries from retail store(s) now seeking to stock our products. I would highly recommend Disturb Digital to any business, of any size. - David @ Whole Note Distribution
The team at Disturb Digital have been fantastic in helping ensure our company are continuously receiving leads and helping to generate business via their extensive SEO knowledge and guidance through various digital platforms.
I have had the pleasure of working with Rick and the Disturb Digital team and would highly recommend this agency. All work was completed well within the schedule, was interesting and unique and was finished to an extremely high standard. The service provided by Disturb Digital was brilliant from start to finish, and was a stable and reliable project in an otherwise unknown business period due to COVID-19. I wouldn't hesitate to contact Rick about any project in the future.
Rick and his team have been a big part of the growth of our company. Without the digital marketing and web services we would not have achieved a national audience. Our partnership is long term and Disturb Digital is a part of our journey all the way. Keep going Rick and thank you for always pushing us!
Disturb Digital have been a great partner in the curation of our engagement strategy. Highly recommended!
Rick is brilliant at what he does.He has helped me on and off over the years in both my social media and website development and is a source of information that is only imaginable. He’s always on the ball and upto date on his knowledge and his techniques always seem to work.It’s been a pleasure learning from him and I hope to learn more
Rick and his team have been great I used them for a very big project that we launched last year and his service and advice have been invaluable. What is also very great is that he is totally current and on the ball! We will definitely be using his services again for sure!
We recently signed up for Google Ads, so far so good. We’re getting more customers through the door, phone calls and website enquiries. I just wish I started working with these guys earlier! Keep up the good work.

Why brands trust us to drive them revenue

Helping grow forward-thinking brands since 2017

Results-driven approach


If we’re not confident our service can deliver profitable results for you, we won’t try to persuade you to sign up with us.

No long contracts

No long

We don’t force anyone to sign long-running contracts with us. You can also cancel at any time.

Everything in one place

in one place

Work with an agency that has web, organic social and paid ads under one roof to get the maximum out of your business and brand goals.

Not capped by number of hours

Not capped by
number of hours

We don’t cap our paid advertising work by a set number of hours per month. We work to go above and beyond agreed targets.

All work undertaken in London

All work undertaken
in London

Enjoy a service in the same time zone with easy communication, implemented by those with a native understanding of UK audiences, nuances and intricacies.

Multi-territory experience


When you are ready to market overseas, we have experience in running profitable paid advertising activity in North America, Australasia and the United Arab Emirates – at scale!

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A deeper dive into our work

Leadership team

People you can rely on to deliver results




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Paul brings 30 years of business, commercial and operations skills to Disturb Digital, gained at blue chip companies like KPMG, Allianz and Marsh. Paul’s experience as an Executive and Board member of leading service led organisations is being put to good use in growing Disturb Digital and our clients.

Paul supports the senior team in providing world class operations and service to our roster of fantastic clients.

In his spare time Paul enjoys listening to Depeche Mode, playing Padel and admits to being a Crystal Palace fan!




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Rick is Disturb Digital’s founder and Digital Marketing Director.

Rick’s digital marketing experience stems from the early Google Adwords days to today’s Tiktok-ifcation of social media marketing. His skills were honed at the likes of omni-channel retailer, John Lewis, as well as various fintech companies in the city of London.

Rick is a leader in the field of lead generation and e-commerce. Rick uses his expertise across all platforms to ensure that our team deliver extraordinary results to our roster of clients.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys listening to sport and wellness podcasts as well as following the gunners, Arsenal FC!



Paid Advertising Director

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Vicki brings 20 years of paid advertising expertise to Disturb Digital.

Vicki is a seasoned marketing director specialising in Google and Facebook Ads. Her data driven, hands-on approach to campaign management is geared towards achieving one goal, top line growth for our clients. With a strong background in marketing for the financial sector, Vicki is no stranger to scaling accounts in a competitive landscape.

Beyond work, Vicki is a devoted mum, cheering at her son’s football matches, and indulges her passions as an avid foodie and interior design lover, often finding time for home DIY projects.



Head of Design

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With over two decades of design expertise, Pete has collaborated with an impressive roster of high-profile brands such as 20th Century Fox, Channel 4, Disney Pixar, ITV, Nike, the Royal British Legion and Sky. His professional experience spans both digital and print media.

When not creating eye-catching designs, Pete enjoys exploring faraway places, appreciating nature, puzzling over cryptic crosswords, listening to diverse musical styles and bingeing the latest must-see shows.

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    Common TikTok Ads questions

    Whether you should use a TikTok ad agency depends on your specific business goals and resources. TikTok is a rapidly growing platform, making it an attractive advertising channel for many businesses. A TikTok ad agency can provide expertise in creating and managing ad campaigns that resonate with TikTok’s unique user base. They can help you navigate the platform’s advertising options, from in-feed ads to branded challenges, and optimise your ads for maximum impact. If you have the budget and a target audience that aligns with TikTok’s demographics, working with a specialised agency can be a strategic move to capitalise on the platform’s advertising potential.

    When it comes to advertising on TikTok, the cost of hiring an agency can vary significantly. TikTok ad agencies typically charge a management fee in addition to the actual ad spend. The management fee covers the agency’s expertise and services, such as a campaign strategy, creative development, audience targeting, and overall campaign management. The specific amount of this fee can depend on factors like the scope of work, campaign duration, and complexity.

    At Disturb Digital we work with brands that are spending over £1,000 per month in advertising.

    TikTok ad agencies specialise in creating and managing advertising campaigns on the TikTok social media platform. Their primary role is to help businesses leverage the power of TikTok to reach and engage their target audience effectively.

    As a TikTok ad agency we design, develop, and implement creative ad content, whether it’s in the form of in-feed ads, branded challenges, or other TikTok ad formats. We also handle campaign optimisation, budget management, and audience targeting to ensure that ads are seen by the right viewers.

    We have in-depth knowledge of the platform’s advertising tools, strategies, and best practices, allowing us to maximise ad performance and return on investment. By working with Disturb Digital, businesses can tap into the platform’s vast and active user base, boosting brand visibility and driving results through compelling and tailored ad campaigns.

    TikTok ads have shown promising potential to convert into sales, particularly for brands targeting a younger and socially active audience.

    According to TikTok, 83% of its users claim they’ve discovered new products or brands on the platform. In a Kantar Millward Brown’s media reactions report for 2023, TikTok ads were ranked number 1 for generating ad equity among video platforms as well as capturing attention by consumers and marketers alike.

    The average cost per conversion for TikTok ads can vary widely based on several factors, including the industry, target audience, ad content, and ad type. As of September 2021, the average cost per conversion on TikTok was reported to be around $10 (£8.21) to $50 (£41.07).

    However, it’s essential to note that these figures can fluctuate significantly. TikTok’s advertising platform is still evolving, so it’s crucial to continuously monitor and optimise your ad campaigns to achieve the best results. Costs can vary greatly, and some businesses may see lower costs per conversion, while others may have higher costs, depending on their specific goals and strategies.

    TikTok and Facebook ads differ significantly in terms of costs. Generally, TikTok ads can be cheaper than Facebook ads, primarily due to the ad platform’s newness and more engaged user base.

    However, the cost-effectiveness of either platform is highly influenced by your target audience, industry, ad content, and ad format.

    In contrast, Facebook, with its advanced targeting options and established user base, can provide reach and lower costs for certain demographics. The cost comparison ultimately depends on your specific goals and audience, making it crucial to analyse both platforms and their potential ROI before deciding on the more cost-effective option for your business.

    The ideal daily budget for TikTok ads varies greatly depending on your advertising goals, target audience, and the competitiveness of your industry. TikTok offers flexibility, allowing you to set a daily budget that suits your business. Many advertisers start with a daily budget as low as £50 to £100 to test the platform’s effectiveness. However, for more substantial results or to compete in competitive markets, a higher daily budget is often necessary. It’s crucial to consider your overall campaign objectives, such as increasing brand awareness or driving conversions, as well as your estimated cost per conversion.

    Start with a budget that you’re comfortable with and gradually increase it as you see the performance and return on investment improve. Regular monitoring, testing, and optimisation will help you determine the most suitable daily budget for your specific TikTok ad campaigns.