Increased subscribers using Facebook Ads


+ Facebook Ads

A leading player in the local services marketplace tasked us to drive new local professionals to subscribe to their job service using Facebook Ads.

A B2B task using predominately a B2C platform was a good challenge for us.


Assign Strategy

Bidvine is the home of 100s of local professionals. We analysed the best trades we could utlise Facebook ads with that also matched up to the client’s monthly job request stats – ensuring budget was spent effectively and efficiently to drive business goals.

Landing Pages

We liaised with the client’s marketing team to arrange for localised landing pages and sign up processes that would be frictionless for users. We ensured optimum Facebook tracking was activated to get the maximum out of reporting and optimisation.

Intricate Targeting

To target local professionals (B2B) we utilised Facebook’s API to finely discover additional interests, existing client data as well as spending time really understanding the local professional’s lifestyle to ensure we get in front of the right people.


In line with client’s brand guidelines, we designed and edited an array of static, carousel and video creatives fit for the various Facebook ad placements. We complemented the creatives with copy and headlines to help stand out in the feed and drive user actions.


+ Matched acquisition costs of Google Ads
+ Established new B2B channel to acquire subscribers
+ Client recently acquired by market leader

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