Coffee Deluxx

1000+ packs sold in first 6 weeks


+ Website amendments
+ Video production
+ Facebook Ads
+ Email marketing

A coffee startup approached us to help launch their new brand of coffee.

We provided an array of services to launch and build the foundations for the brand.

Coffee Deluxx


We cleaned up the website, generated new website assets, introduced various new Shopify apps to optimise user experience and lay the foundations for the upcoming marketing activity.

Video Production

We produced a video to supplement the website experience and upcoming paid advertising tasks.

The video features a number of individuals providing their feedback on the product.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

We launched an array of Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to drive the maximum number of new customers at speed with the least amount of friction. We utilised edits from the original video, perfectly cut for each advertising placement.

Building Trust

We quickly started building trust by driving verified Trustpilot reviews from the new customers acquired from the Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign.

Building Trust
Social Proof

Social Proof

We also pushed new customers to leave on-site testimonials with imagery. This featured on all product pages to drive extra social proof on top of the recently acquired Trustpilot reviews.


+ 1k+ packs sold in first 6 weeks
+ 200+ verified reviews
+ 19k organic video views

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