Kyles Collection

10x return on ad spend


+ Facebook Ads
+ Google Ads
+ Social media support

Kyles Collection, one of the UK’s leading luxury jewellery brands and authorised Swarovski partner, tasked us to lead their paid social marketing using solely Facebook and Instagram, Google Shopping and Dynamic Google product ads.

We undertook various targeted paid media campaigns: to date, these have contributed to record-breaking online sales and in-store appointments.

Kyles Collection

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We drove new customer sales, as well as an increase in repeat sales, using the Facebook and Instagram Advertising platforms, including Stories.

Our work included optimising existing product feeds, undertaking dynamic product advertising and remarketing campaigns, using both image and video-based assets.

This also led to an increase in in-store appointments and organic channel growth on both Facebook and Instagram.

Google Dynamic Advertising

We put together a strategically placed Google Dynamic advertising campaign to help drive sales at the sweet spots of the customers journey, delivered at a strong ROI.

Social Media Organic Support

We advised the client on the best performing hashtags to utilise, the best times of day and days of the week to distribute posts, and the techniques the client could use on organic platforms to aid paid marketing efforts and account growth.


+ 10x return on ad spend
+ 30% lift in in-store appointments
+ Lift in Instagram followers

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