Luxury Promise

Secured £3m venture capital funding


+ Consultancy
+ Web Design
+ Google Ads

A start-up marketplace for pre-owned luxury bags, Luxury Promise, tasked us to drive new product consignments, improve online sales experience and aid the in-house marketing team’s productivity. The goal was to help assist the brand to attract significant investment to scale operations further.

Luxury Promise

Full Website Audit

We initially provided a consultancy service to help the client maximise their current efforts.

We started off by providing an audit of their existing WooCommerce website with an initial aim to help improve user experience, drive more product consignments and sales.

We also undertook research and implementation of a new merchant provider who could accommodate individual transactions over £100,000, worldwide, with greater security controls to limit any losses.

Replatforming To Shopify

As part of our audit, we recommended that the client move to the Shopify platform in the near future to help meet their long-term omnichannel goals.

We supported the replatforming to Shopify, which also helped maximise the in-house marketing team’s day-to-day productivity with the reassurance that their activity could be fully supported with a plethora of solutions on the platform.

Google Search Ads

Based on existing business stats, we put together Google Search Ad campaigns to drive both product sales and product consignments for the most profitable products and collections.

Google Shopping Ads

We created and optimised the product catalogue for Google Shopping Ads to give the client the best opportunity to appear ahead of their competitors for the most relevant searches. We also advised the in-house marketing team how best to upload new products for maximum impact.

Brand Secures £3m VC Funding

The growth of the online store attracted the attention of venture capitalists. The brand secured £3m investment in April 2020 from a London-based venture capital firm to scale the business further.

The story of the investment was covered in the Evening Standard.


+ Uplift in product consignment
+ Uplift in online sales
+ £3m VC investment secured

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