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Increased design appointments by 163%


+ Facebook Ads

We were tasked to drive fitted bedroom design visit bookings using Facebook Advertising. The client was already utilising Google Ads with another agency. Compared to Google Ads, we drove more bookings at a lower cost per booking, saving the client £12k per year in ad spend while delivering 780 more leads.

Martin West Interiors

Facebook Marketing

We put together targeted Facebook Advertising campaigns utilising copy and creative to drive social proof and design visit bookings.

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Website Audit

Before we started spending the client’s advertising budget, we audited the website to ensure it was in a strong position to drive bookings once advertising began.

Website Audit


We utilised existing data (GDPR-friendly) to detect which type of users were in the market to book a design visit, or at least enquire before setting up a design visit. This led to getting in front of users before our client’s competitors.


+163% increase in design visit bookings
+33% saving in ad costs (compared to Google Ads)

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