Perfect Pet

Increased sales by 311% and reduced CPA by 56%


+ Facebook Ads

An award-winning UK pet insurance company tasked us to drive online sales using Facebook Ads. The company were initially running ads in-house and did try another advertising agency but both were unable to scale sales profitably through Facebook. We then stepped in to drive sales at scale while significantly lowering their existing CPA.

Perfect Pet


We undertook research to understand the market opportunity, competitors as well as the client’s existing data to decipher their most profitable policies, pet types, breeds, areas, genders, age groups and more.


Using the research we assigned strategies that would enable us to drive maximum policy quotes and sales per day at the most profitable costs using Facebook Ads.


Before launching ads, we ensured the website and buyer journey was optimised from a technical and creative point of view to help drive maximum sales with minimal friction.


Sticking within the client’s brand guidelines, we put together an array of static, carousel and video creatives for key stages of the customer journey. We complemented the creatives with copy, headlines and relevant sounds to help stand out in the feed, while looking native to the respective placement, for maximum impact!


+ Increased sales by +311%
+ Reduced CPA by -56%
+ Scaled monthly ad spend by +81%

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