How to get verified on Instagram

How to get verified on Instagram

The million dollar question for you Instagram maniacs! Follow the steps below to apply for the coveted verified blue tick.

Step 1: Request Verification

To apply for verification you need to open up Instagram on your phone, head over to settings and click on ‘Request Verification’.

Step 2: Show Proof

You’ll now be greeted with a screen requesting proof of identity. Submit a copy of your Drivers Licence, Passport or official Companies House company documentation. Ensure your documents match your profile name and details.

Step 3: Patiently Wait

Instagram will review your request. It usually takes a maximum of 30 days. If you’re rejected you can reapply after 30 days.

Things to consider…

To be verified, Instagram uses many data points. Your profile needs to be complete, unique, of a real person or company, highly searched for and featured on multiple news sources to have a chance of being verified.

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