How To Pick The Right Facebook Or Google Ad Agency

Facebook Ad Agency

It can be a wild wild west out there when it comes to picking the right Facebook or Google ad agency. With marketing gurus sending business owners down different paths, an array of strategies being heralded and different pricing across the board, picking an ad agency is not a simple walk in the park.

Here are ten things to consider when picking your preferred ad agency (in no particular order):

1. Business History

It is worth investigating how long the agency have been in business for and if the agency have a registered company to back up their business dealings. The longer they have been in business for the more assured you can be with their service.

2. Market Experience

It is always an advantage to have an agency who have strong experience in your business sector or as close to it as possible. Better still, if you’re close to signing up with an agency, it’s worth asking if you can speak to one of their clients before you sign on the dotted line for added reassurance.

3. Boosting Facebook Posts

If the Facebook ad agency is in any way proposing they will be boosting posts we would suggest running a mile! Boosting posts is more often than not the biggest waste of resources and usually a method undertaken by novices. On very few occasions boosting posts can work for certain content driven goals, but it is not what an expert Facebook ad agency would ever advise as part of the core strategy or offering.

4. Long Running Contracts

If you are using an agency for the first time, we would advise to not get into long-running contracts to avoid being tied to a deal just in case results are not to your expectations. It’s fine to sign long term deals once you’ve experienced an agency’s service and have been happy with their results, but to sign long term deals on the initial occasion could be risky.

5. Location

Having an agency close by can be helpful especially during the early stages of the partnership. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, however if you do have an agency which is slightly further out from your location we would suggest ensuring weekly calls and reports are in place when signing up.

6. Key Persons

Agencies in general tend to do really well when pitching for new business, but we do find the key persons who are at the pitch are hardly around when the work actually begins.

Once business has been won, the account is given to an account manager. This is sometimes a junior who will be the person who will look after your account on a day to day basis. We would suggest ensuring any key persons who pitch for your business are present in some capacity when work begins.

7. Focus

Before signing up with an agency ensure as a business you have a clear focus and KPI’s on what you would like an agency to deliver for you. This is key as all parties understand the task at hand and what constitutes to success. Going to an agency without knowing what you would like them to achieve for you can cause confusion further down the line.

8. Price

Choosing an agency strictly on price is not the best variable to base a decision by. We’ve seen businesses go with the cheapest provider but have suffered heavily. Not only did they get a poor service with average results but also had heavy website amendments undertaken by the respective agency which negatively affected their marketing ability. In the worst case scenario we have seen businesses URL’s banned by Facebook as the agency hired didn’t follow policy correctly (it’s getting stricter by the day).

9. Service

Business is always enjoyable when working with people who are easy to work with. When it comes to agencies you want an agency who are pro-active and easy to communicate with. While results are one of the key variables, we would advise having an agency who is always on the other end of the phone when you need them helps. If you have to continually prompt the agency, this can become frustrating in the long term.

10. Results

Last but not least, you want to work with an agency who will help you achieve your goals. When picking your agency you want to find out how their results fare across their portfolio and their typical retention rates with clients. As a step further if you’re serious about going with a certain agency, it’s worth asking if you can have a chat with any of their existing clients to understand more about the agency’s service and results. If the agency refuse to permit you from speaking to any of their clients, we would be weary!

If you need any further help choosing a Facebook agency or Google agency for your business feel free to get in touch using the form below. As an agency we only take on businesses we are confident we can deliver results for.

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