East Shopping Centre

80% Increase In Registrations
Facebook & Instagram Ads
We were tasked by East Shopping Centre in East London to drive awareness, build a community, create engagement and drive footfall into the centre using digital.
We created a strategy to add value for the shopping centre, to not only drive awareness at a better ROI than traditional media, but lay the foundations to improve lifetime value of customers and improve the online and offline shopping experience.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We built engaging creatives with in-store incentives to drive new customers to the centre as well as building a database of users local to the centre who were interested in the stores based in the centre for remarketing purposes. This strategy also saw an increase in social media followers and live check-ins.

East Shopping Centre Facebook Ad

Comments Snapshot

East Shopping Centre Facebook comments
East Shopping Centre Facebook Ad

^ User Engages With Ad

^ User Checks-in to Centre

Driving Store Check-Ins

We utilised video creatives along with effective Facebook Advertising to drive in-store footfall. This resulted in users engaging with the creative, initiating conversations with their friends and family thereafter resulting in live check-ins from those very users.

^ User Engages With Ad

^ User Checks-in to Centre

+ 80% increase in website registrations
+ Lift in engagement, check-ins and social channel growth
+ Delivered at a cheaper ROI than centre’s traditional media campaigns
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